0759 Narthex for Achilles Tendon

0759 Narthex for Achilles Tendon

Splint that provides the stability of achilles tendon and allows specific and controlled function while avoiding overuse and strain
Case at the point of Achilles tendon that contains removable silicone pad for pain reduction, vibration absorption and recovery time reduction.
Reusable cold gel pad that is placed in the splint case instead of silicone. Keep it stored in the freezer for maximum effectiveness when performing ice therapy. Its is recommended to perform ice therapy 3-4 times a day for 10-15 minutes for effective intense pain reduction and inflamation in the achilles tendon area.
Provides support during the night so that the achilles tendon and gastocnemius (calf) remain tense.
The design of the splint allows movement and walking during the day. It can also be worn with comfortable sneakers.


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