0114 Rest Pillow

0114 Rest Pillow


The special pressure-relief pillows and mattresses provide and improved and effective support system against pressure sores.
Pressure distribution: They are filled with polystyrene beads and conform easily to the shape of the patient’s body.
Air circulation: The spaces between the polystyrene beads guarantee good air circulation and effectively prevent heat accumulation and skin irritation.
Hygiene: They allow for the infiltration of sweat and urine so that the patient’s skin can be kept dry and clean.
Massage: Even if the patient does not move often, his/her skin is massaged and blood circulation increases.
The special pressure-relief pillows and mattresses not only satisfy the patients, but also the nursing staff, as they are practical and easy to use. The special pressure-relief pillows and mattresses should always be placed on a normal mattress. When it’s possible, avoid covering the pillow/mattress with nylon. Patients with urinary incontinence should be provided with disposable nylon covers.

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